Your most recent Annual Benefit Statement is available via My Pension Online.

Tax Charges:

If the value of your pension savings increase by more than HMRC's "Annual Allowance", you may be liable to pay tax. If you exceeded the annual allowance then we will write to you separately by 6th October as you may need to pay a tax charge. For more details on the annual allowance rules, see; Your Pension Service - Tax Issues  

Industrial Action:

Please note that the ABS does not take into account any breaks in service for the recent industrial action, should you choose not to pay back the missed pension contributions.


Your statement is an estimate only and is not a guaranteed statement of entitlement. The actual benefits you could receive may be different and you should consult Your Pension Service before making a decision. If you are unhappy with the accuracy of any information or any decision made in relation to your pension please inform your employer or pensions in the first instance. If you are still dissatisfied after this you have the right to appeal.

Modified Retained Deferred Members (Merseyside, Lancashire & Cumbria):

Although you are a member of the 2006 scheme you have the same options as 1992 scheme members. Please therefore read the relevant 1992 scheme guidance notes