As the Coronavirus situation continues to develop, we would like to reassure you that, to date, agreed service levels have been maintained. We do though expect that to change as sickness levels increase and our support is impacted with staff needing to care for dependent children or relatives.

The Pensions Helpdesk has now been transitioned to a home working solution. Please be aware that service levels may be impacted with longer wait times and urgent calls prioritised. To help mitigate this, we have changed our Helpdesk opening times to 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

We urge you to use our websites, and member self-service portal (My Pension Online), where possible to contact us and for non-urgent queries. If you contact us via email or use the contact us form, please provide your NI Number to assist our team in locating your record. However, please continue to use the Helpdesk for anything urgent via Contact us.

Please also note there may be delays to both UK and overseas mail. We continue to work with our mail providers in this respect.

Rest assured that your pension will continue to be paid to you.

You may have seen recent reports that scams have increased during this already difficult time and we encourage you to refer to the website to ensure your remain diligent about your personal security and precautions if someone contacts you about your pension.

As the situation continues to escalate, we are doing everything possible to reduce the impact that the virus is having on our business, our members, our employees and their families. We are taking all appropriate measures and will continue to update this website as the situation develops.