As a new scheme employer you have statutory responsibilities under the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Regulations 2014(as amended). All the information you need to discharge your responsibilities as an LGPS employer is contained within the employer area of the Your Pension Service Website. You need to be authorised to use this area, either just to view information about the scheme, or to submit forms and other information to us. Please complete the authorisation form and employer contacts form below so that you can access this area. Each person that has access will need to be individually authorised.

If you have a third party payroll provider, you need to authorise that they can deal with us. The employer authorises the provider, then the provider will authorise their own employees to access the Employer Area. Please ensure that you are clear about which duties your contractor will undertake, and which you may have to undertake yourselves. Note that the ultimate obligation to meet employer responsibilities rests with the scheme employer.

When you first get access to the employer area, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following:

  1. Employer Guides – detailed information about your obligations and the processes involved in all aspects of your pension scheme responsibilities. We recommend particularly that you read the guides on Contributions, Absence and Assumed Pensionable Pay, and Submission of Information to YPS to get you started.
  2. Discretions - every employer has a statutory responsibility to have policies about some areas of the scheme. We recommend that you read the employer guide on "Discretions".
  3. Employer Bulletins - these give information about changes to the scheme and key requirements.
  4. Training and Conferences - your opportunity to get valuable support and information.
  5. Employer Services - get secure access to your employees' pension scheme member records, check data and run estimates.
  6. Online Forms - you will need to send us forms about leavers and absences.
  7. Spreadsheet Layouts - you will need to send us a data collection file every pay period containing information about your employees and their pay and contributions. The file information should match payments of contributions that you make to the fund. The file specification is below. Each employer and payroll provider is assigned codes to use in the data collection file – please complete the Payroll Provider information form below.

There are other responsibilities under the LGPS that you have which are described in Lancashire County Council's Pensions Administration Strategy Statement. The statement can be found on the page below.