If you have a contract with a third party provider, and that provider will fulfil your pensions responsibilities, then you need to authorise YPS to deal with that provider. Please arrange for the form below to be completed. Employees of the third party will also need to be authorised for the employer area individually using the Employer Authorisation Form above.

Please ensure that you are clear about which LGPS responsibilities will be undertaken by the provider, and whether any will continue to be undertaken by the employer. Ultimate responsibility rests with the LGPS Employer.

Change of Payroll Provider 

As a result of changing providers you may need to update us with new contact details and request access to the employers area of the website, to do this please complete the Authorisation form and Contacts form above.

Please complete the spreadsheet below to notify us of old and new pay reference numbers. Please also complete the pay provider information form – YPS will issue you with codes to use in your data collection file.